Jones & Co.

Sheri Jones


Sheri Jones has been in the business of artist management for a gazillion years. She still loves the work that she does and the people that she does it with. Sheri loves creativity and operating effectively and is always looking for a better way to achieve the goals of the artists she works with. Sheri is an active member of her community, giving back by serving on national boards and committees; consulting with artists and industry; and by initiating projects that will further the development of the music industry.

Wayne O’Connor

Live Guy

Wayne O’Connor has specialized in live entertainment for a gazillion and a half years. He is accomplished at everything from live performance coaching to event management to booking to international tour management. Wayne is strategic in his work and has a large and established network.Wayne is passionate about what he does and pushes artists to reach their full potential – whether they want to or not.


Ruby Quase

Everything Else

Ruby Quase has been in the music business for a heartbeat. In 4 short years, she has honed her organization skills, expanded her knowledge base about all things music, built a network of international contacts and has developed strong and solid instincts. She is also the only person who knows where to find everything Jones & Co. related.