Company Profile

Jones & Co. was founded by Sheri Jones in 1993 as an artist management company representing fiddling sensation Ashley MacIsaac and iconic singer-songwriter Ron Hynes. Within two years of launching Jones & Co., Ashley MacIsaac had achieved domestic success and international acclaim and Sheri had formed strong and strategic business alliances. Wayne O’Connor was, and continues to be, an integral part of Jones & Co. in helping to build the artists’ live careers.

In 1997, the company launched its label division, turtlemusik, designed specifically as an outlet for its management roster. The label released Mary Jane Lamond’s first recording Suas e!, followed by Gordie Sampson’s debut recording, Stones. The label continues to release Jones & Co. artists’ recordings today.

Representing a busy and successful roster that included Mary Jane Lamond, Gordie Sampson, Kim Stockwood, Joel Plaskett, Damhnait Doyle, and Shaye; Sheri was content. In 2008, however, Jones & Co. took on its first new client in six years – David Myles. In the same year, Joel Plaskett launched a record label, New Scotland Records, and opened his Scotland Yard studio to assist indie artists in releasing their records and build on his production credits.

Realizing the time and focus necessary to maximize social media, Jones & Co. engaged the services of musician and contractor Lynn Daigle, and Jean Pitre, for online promotion and administration. The company also began working with graphic designer and website programmer, Mat Dunlap. In 2010, Sheri took on the role of mentor for Krista Keough through the Emerging Music Business Program. The mentorship was a success and for two years, Krista was responsible for funding applications for Jones & Co.

Also in 2010, Sheri and Gordie launched the Gordie Sampson Songcamp to mentor young writers. And, Sheri and David started the David Myles’ annual Singing for Supper Tour in support of New Brunswick Food Banks. Jones & Co. continues to play a pro-active and integral role in both of these initiatives. As a result of the Gordie Sampson Songcamp, the company took on three emerging artists – Mo Kenney, Molly Thomason, and Dylan Guthro.

Sheri introduced a Jones & Co. publishing division in 2011, and, in order to maximize on retail sales opportunities, created a distribution network of Canadian independent record stores the same year. It only made sense to include the releases of New Scotland Records, and to that affect, Jones & Co. formed a partnership with Songs For The Gang and together they launched the Independent Music Distribution Alliance Inc., a.k.a.

New to the Jones & Co. team, Grace Russell completed an Emerging Music Business Program mentorship with Sheri in 2013. A huge success, Grace now plays a crucial role as publicist for the company and is rapidly expanding into the world of marketing. Late in 2014, Nicole Curry joined Jones & Co. Nicole’s understanding of the music industry and her organizational skills make her a valued addition to the team.

Jones & Co. measures its success by the success of the artists it represents. To date, those artists have played thousands of gigs, won dozens and dozens of awards, have achieved gold and platinum selling records, hit top 10 radio chart positions, and have garnered domestic and international recognition. To read more about our roster, visit the Artists page.

Industry Affiliations

2010-2016 Radio Starmaker Board of Directors
2003-present ECMA Honorary Lifetime Director
2010 Nova Scotia Woman of Excellence Award (Culture)
2008-2009 ECMA Chair of Executive Director Hiring Committee
2007 Nova Scotia Community College Hiring Committee
2006-2007 Wrote the curriculum for NSCC Music Business Program
2006-2007 ECMA Chair of Nominating Committee
2005-2006 CHRC Management Advisory Committee
2005-2006 FACTOR Strategic Review Committee
2004-2006 JUNO 2006 Advisory Committee
2002-2005 FACTOR Board of Directors
2001-2003 Co-Chair, ECMA Board of Directors
2000-2001 FACTOR Radio Marketing Fund Consultant
1999-2004 CARAS Board of Directors (Vice President)
1999-2001 The Cultural Network of Nova Scotia Board of Directors
1996-2000 FACTOR Board of Directors (Vice President, Treasurer)
1994-1996 FACTOR National Advisory Board
1989-1996 ECMA Founding Director and Chair
1987-1989/97 Music Industry Association of Nova Scotia Board of Directors

Jones & Co. Team

Jones & Co. maintains a core team of contract workers who operate their own individual businesses and are hired to manage specific aspects of project work based on their professional expertise.

Wayne O’Connor, More Than Booking
Bookings / Live Performance

From booking acts, to artist development, to his MacGyver-esque abilities with touring tricks and production equipment, Wayne O’Connor has a wealth of practical knowledge and experience which he shares with irrepressible enthusiasm and passion. He has been active in the music industry for over 30 years and has undertaken a broad range of projects and roles in live performance and touring: from the early days mixing sound and handling lighting in local venues, to booking and tour managing acts of all genres, to acting as the CARAS rep on Canada’s East Coast, through to his maturation into a world-class production and tour manager for international acts.

His extensive experience in international production and tour management includes, negotiation, procurement and supervision of both equipment and personnel, developing, maintaining and reconciling budgets and management and artist relations. He has worked closely with large groups of people ranging from managers, artists, agents, promoters, record companies, publicists, musicians, technicians, board members, executive directors, administrative staff and volunteers. Wayne has helped grow and guide many artists in the area of live performance. He has also managed trade shows for industry conferences and has acted as the East Coast Music Association’s Technical Director since 2007.

In his role as tour manager for Jones & Co., Wayne manages operations for artists on the road. From travel and ground transportation to accommodations, technical and sound equipment and advancing the tours – all variables related to schedules, riders, and expenses are Wayne’s department. He provides live performance coaching for Jones & Co. artists and other, nationally touring Canadian artists.

Grace Russell, Jones & Co.
Publicity & Promotions

Grace came to Jones & Co. on a mentorship program in 2012, and two short years later, she was managing publicity for the entire Jones & Co. roster. Her responsibilities include all tour promotion and marketing. She has conceived and executed national publicity campaigns for album releases including David Myles’ “In the Nighttime” and “It’s Christmas” , and was an integral part of Molly Thomason’s “Columbus Field” and both of Mo Kenney’s releases. Grace works independently, and with label publicists, to liaise with the artist, the management team, and the media. Alongside her work with Jones & Co., Grace has worked on-site at the Polaris Music Prize Gala, the JUNO Awards, Festival Music House AFF, and, most recently, Toronto Urban Folk Festival (TURF).

Becky Macdonald, Your Records
Financial Services

Becky Macdonald provides expert financial services for Jones & Co. artists Joel Plaskett, David Myles, Mary Jane Lamond, Mo Kenney, and is an integral part of By day, Becky is a Business Transformation Consultant for the Province of Nova Scotia and she brings those skills to bear on her work with Jones & Co. Last but not least, Becky is instrumental in keeping us operating smoothly on a technological level.

Lynn Daigle, Malkin Music/Cyber PR Army / Mission Control
Digital Media Strategies and Online Business Development

Lynn has worked with Jones & Co. for the last ten years in social media and artist development and has evolved into creating digital strategies for the Jones & Co artists including online advertising and campaign development. Malkin Music, Cyber PR Army and Mission Control are music companies owned by Lynn that work with artists, managers, and labels in various areas of the music industry specializing in online artist identity building, customized specialty services and exploring revenue opportunities for artists in the digital world.

Jean Pitre
Online Administration

Jean Pitre populates all content for live performances online – from entering fully executed contracts to accommodations and travel plans. She also updates web accounts for Jones & Co. artists and works on an ongoing basis with Lynn Daigle at Malkin Music to maintain the artists online profile.

Mat Dunlap
Creative / Website Development

Mat Dunlap has been a photographer, designer, filmmaker, and developer in music for over 12 years. He has worked with multiple award-winning artists The Sheepdogs, Arcade Fire, Joel Plaskett, David Myles, Old Man Luedecke, Measha Brueggergosman, Jenn Grant, and Rose Cousins in Canada. Since moving to San Francisco in 2011, Mat has taken on new clients in the entertainment industry and the performing arts.

Mat is the production manager and creative designer for Joel Plaskett’s New Scotland Records and Jones & Co., providing artwork and website development for new music projects.

Nicole Curry
Online Content and Artist Submissions

Nicole Curry joined Jones & Co. in November of 2014 after completing two successful mentorship programs earlier that year in Toronto with The Feldman Agency and Rock Paper Management. She is an avid music lover, singer-songwriter, and a member of the Gordie Sampson Songcamp family. With a BA from St. Francis Xavier University and a diploma in Music Business and Performance from NSCC Waterfront Campus, Nicole enjoys spending her time doing all things music —whether it is writing songs, performing, or managing the online profiles and websites for the Jones & Co. roster. Nicole submits our artists for all song contests and festivals, and creates and reads copy related to all aspects of the company.

Ruby Quase
Technology, Research, Streaming Service, Royalty & Event Registrations

Ruby Quase started in the music business on a mentorship with Jones & Co during which time she worked extensively with Lynn Daigle, digital marketing specialist. Since then Ruby has had experience working with artist managers and on international events. Ruby works with Jones & Co. on technology, research and trouble shooting, is responsible for royalty registrations, and oversees event registrations. Ruby is also involved in optimizing digital sales portals and streaming services.

Pascal deVillers
Social Media Analytics

Pascal started with Jones and Co in 2016 on a mentorship program after graduating from St. Mary’s University with a Bachelor of Commerce. He specializes in marketing and has an aptitude for business development. He developed his skill set through years as an entrepreneur. Pascal focuses on optimizing artist’s social media presence by providing Jones and Co detailed social analytics reports. He also works on strategic partnerships with major brands for artist cross promotions and sponsorship.

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