Congrats Mo Kenney for the release of In My Dreams in the UK, Ireland and Germany today!

Summer has finally arrived on the east coast . . . I think. I’m basing this entirely on the number of guests we’ve had at the lake because the weather certainly doesn’t feel like July. Atlantic Canadians have a stronger sense of home than any other group I know and I sometimes wonder how and why we all feel that way. Having a sense of humour certainly doesn’t hurt – “The absence of summer has caused such distress that the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary issued a press release on Wednesday announcing an investigation into its disappearance.”

Here at Jones & Co we’re madly planning for the fall – David will release and tour a new record in the US and Mo will release and tour “In My Dreams” in the UK, Ireland and Germany. Joel is criss-crossing the country this summer playing festivals and is planning a new business venture in downtown Dartmouth that will launch in the fall. T Thomason is preparing to release an ep, Port Cities is working with Gordie on their new record, and Kim Stockwood and Damhnait Doyle are returning to NL to host the NL Music Awards. And while all of this is happening, I am experiencing another round of technology breakdown – from my computer doing this \\\\\\\\\\ all the time, to my new iPhone (last one just stopped working) not sending emails, to the car suddenly ceasing to work and the dishwasher breaking down – all within 5 days. At this point in the summer with friends visiting from across the country and around the world, it’s a toss up whether I’m more distraught about the computer (MANY looming deadlines) or the dishwasher (I average 5 loads a day this time of year).

When I start to panic about work and feel overwhelmed because it all seems so totally out of my control (amazing how catastrophic a computer breakdown can feel AND what a control freak I am), I try to temper things by looking on the bright side:

I had the privilege of knowing and working with the amazing Joe Summers who taught me so much and supported me in so many ways early on in my career.
I am surrounded by many wonderful children who will all make a positive impact on the world as they grow up.
I enjoy working with a dedicated and caring team of people that adore the artists on our roster as much as I do.
The world is righting itself as shown by the support that T Thomason received when they published their first blog this summer.
The artists I work with are talented, strong, smart and caring.
I have many wonderful friends and family who tolerate the fact that work is always at the top of my priority list and love me in spite of the fact that I never have enough time for them.

So, all in all, life is good. The sun is shining and I’m off to Alderney Landing to watch Mo Kenney and David Myles rock the waterfront for Natal Day.

I hope that the sun is shining in your world and that all of your appliances are working:)


Summer is here.

We’re ramping up for summer here at Jones & Co. Joel’s just returned from a very successful cross-Canada tour supporting The Park Avenue Sobriety Test – so fun to see Mo return to the stage after her opening set to play guitar in Joel’s band. Mo’s Plaskett produced In My Dreams is slotted for release in the UK, Ireland and Germany in September, so after some summer festivals she’ll hit the road again. The prolific David Myles has just delivered TWO records to be released in TWO different territories in September and he’s getting ready to hit the road again for shows that include Canada Day in Ottawa and the Montreal Jazzfest. Gordie arrives home next week for the 6th Annual Gordie Sampson Songcamp where we’ll meet 5 new writers (new to us!). There will be a handful of rare Gordie Sampson shows over the summer and the rest of the time he’ll be working with Port Cities on their new record – can’t wait!

Many of you have also probably seen our always inspiring trailblazer, T. Thomason, in the news as of late giving a voice to the trans youth of Canada and beyond. They also recently released a demo entitled, “Sally (be my spirit guide)” which you can listen to here.

This week, we’re off to the Casino NS Artist in Residence finals on Friday night to see what promises to be an amazing line up of Nova Scotian musicians, including Songcamp’s own Kyle Mischiek and the very talented camp newcomer, Reeny Smith. We’re all excited to welcome Reeny to Songcamp this year.

Good Times at East Coast Music Week

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 2.52.47 AM

It was a good weekend for the Jones & Co. gang in St. John’s at East Coast Music Week! Mo Kenney, Joel Plaskett, Wendy MacIsaac, and Port Cities’ Carleton Stone all came home with awards in the following categories:

Mo Kenney
Pop Recording of the Year – In My Dreams

Joel Plaskett
Producer of the Year

The New Scotland Yard
Studio of the Year

Wendy MacIsaac
Traditional Instrumental Recording of the Year – Off The Floor

Carleton Stone
Solo Recording of the Year – Draws Blood

Congratulations all!

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